Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Organization Tips

I was at training all day and was all in the mood to get a ton of stuff done but guess what it is a beautiful day, and I am feeling lazy, and figure that I have very few days to be lazy.

I mean I really wasn't lazy, I did work seven hours.

So exciting news.  My composting program idea is on the ground running.  My friend saw my post and contacted me, she works for Chipotle, and said that she would love to coordinate a fundraising event to help me raise money for the program!  I contacted my VP and he are a go.  I am just waiting to see when we can do it.

1.  Ok, so for organization.  I use a reusable plan book.  I purchased a plan book from CFC and put them in protective sheets and write on them with transparency markers.  So far I love it and hate it.  I like that I won't use paper over and over each year, but it erases a little too easily.  I am still working out the kinks.

2.  I use DROPBOX to have my files available anywhere and at any time.  No flash drive, no carting around the computer, it's GREAT.  You can share your folders with anyone.

3.  I would add more but I've read it everywhere else in the link ups.  Leveled library by genre and grade level labels.  I don't use the number system with my library because I have the labels that tell the genre and a librarian that puts all the books back in the correct bin at the end of the day.  And so much other stuff.

Stick to #1 and #2, they are great additions to the awesome lists out there!

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  1. I have never seen a wipe off reusable lesson plan book. What an interesting concept! Thanks for sharing!

    The Second Grade Superkids