Monday, July 10, 2017

Started First TPT source!! And new school!

I've posted my first TPT product!  It is a product that I plan on using with my own class this year, and have used in the past.  I use it during my first week of writing.  The kids always have a hard time remembering how to write a paragraph, and this is a bit more fun because the kids get to create their own puzzle.  I've included some graphic organizers and a checklist for editing and revisions.  If you want something tweaked, let me know; I'm willing to add or change something for you!  Click here!!

I'm excited and scared all at the same time. I want people to like it but I know I am not an expert at all this like so many others creating super cute products but I will get better!  

This all is due to me getting a job at a new school!  Yes, I've taught third grade before, BUT I have been at the same school for 11 years! I am very excited! I get to redo my decor, which I haven't redone my decor in years because cutting out lamination, and redoing everything was not on my list of things to do!  But since I am moving anyway, why not start fresh!

Still going to stick with the BEE theme but I am going to be super yellow, black and white!  I am going to hit up five below and look for some awesome sauce deals, also, Target Dollar Spot!!  Can't wait, just need some mommy/teacher time away from my three kids!