Thursday, January 2, 2014

January FLU in!

I haven't written anything in a very long time.  Once school started and life happened, all my plans to maintain this cool new world I found and build up a following went to the back burner. Not that I don't enjoy blogging or reading blogs, but there are choices to be made.

The BIG news is that I am 20 weeks pregnant.  So for first quarter of the school year, as soon as I got home, I was pretty much in bed asleep.

I am still in bed but for a reason that is much more annoying, I have the flu, and I've been in bed since Saturday, so this is my FIFTH day in bed.  I had all these plans to grade all my papers, and plan but let me just tell you.  Just getting myself something to eat is tiring.  I can barely breath, cough through the night, get hot, then cold, then restless, then then then. 

The good thing is that I still feel little one kickin' around up in there so he seems to be fine though I have to take medication. :(

So here is my currently...

1.  Listening to my hubby put new cabinet faces on our kitchen cabinets and getting annoyed with himself that he got the wrong screws or what have you.

2.  Loving the new body pillow he got me so I'm not uncomfortable at night.  With the belly getting bigger and what not, some extra support is great.

3.  Thinking about all the work I have to do for school and wondering when this dang on flu is going to be on its way.

4.  Wanting to be able to breath through my nose, magically have all my papers graded, and energy to hang out with the hubby.

5. Needing more sick leave than I have for the upcoming maternity leave.  County requires me to use a certain amount, and this darn flu is cutting into those days.

6.  Memory/Tradition:  My husband is Korean, and I learned today that they have a new year's tradition.  The children, even adult children, bow deeply to their elders wishing them a happy new year and the elders give them money (not much), then they all have a big lunch/meal together.  I missed my first one today because I was in bed, but look forward to it next year.

And as far as new year's resolutions, mine as a mom is to be in moment for my kids, not distracted by whatever else is going on in my life, to give them my attention.  As a wife, to be there for my hubby, to love and care for him, and to support him however I can.  As a teacher, to let this common core stuff go, and not be so much on the detail of the curriculum but remember learning is fun.

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! Flu is no fun, especially when you are pregnant! Congrats on your little one!