Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Chae's Classroom Tour

Second day of Teacher Week 2013 and I am super excited to show you.  My room is 90% done.  I am still waiting on class list and I need to make labels for my composition books.

So, I've spent many an hour in my room, inside my head thinking about my room, and searching for better ways for my room to be organized.  I have come to terms it is a work in progress, and that is fine because each class is different and we make it OURS.

So I've taken a pics of the components of my room and will explain each.

So this the on the left as soon as you walk into my room.  It has my No Homework Binder and Bathroom Sign out, Reflection forms in the red folder, attendance and lunch count in yellow folder.  That green glittery foam sheet is going to be where I put the lunch calendar for the month, the pink square is for my homework club.  Each magnet has a number on it and when they don't bring in their homework they take their number off, whoever is left at end of _____ gets a prize from me.  The green and yellow box is for box tops (our school is really into it) and the bee box is my compliment box.

This is not complete!  If you see the line down the middle that is where I need to cut the board.  Got those FELT letters at Michaels for .89!  And those clothes pins have circles glued to them with Boys, Girls, Nurse, Office on it.  That way they don't fall in the toilet or on the floor or however else they get gross.  The No Name Board will have clothes pins attached for those mysterious papers without a name!  

My jobs chart.  Got the labels from Clutterfree Classroom and attached them to a bordered post-it and then used green post-its next to it.  There is one loose one because I thought I would only have 4 groups of tables but I actually have 6, so now I'm thinking I'll arrange it into 4 now so I don't have to make my board look off.  I also need to put a title to this board.  Not sure what yet, something to do with bees.  Melissa means Honeybee in Greek.

This is my materials corner, used to have a whole table but it was annoying.  Made the toolbox, spray painted it of course.  The colored pencils are going to be arranged by color using toilet paper rolls that I've been saving all summer to fill that bin up.  I love to recycle.  I also spray painted my cups blue and labeled them "Sharp" and "Dull." Used to have Not Sharp but I like Dull better.  I also have a "Words that Impress" board for those words kids say verbally or use in their writing and we tack them up.  Above it is a magnetic board from Hobby Lobby that I love and just have pics of my family.  Hot glued every thing up; it's hard with cement blocks!

We are supposed to have a data board in our room to help our kids see their progress, here is mine.  Those blank pieces of paper are where I'll put my charts and goals as a class.  Above it, I use, again, Clutterfree Classroom's hand signals.  Missing four, need to print and laminate a new one.

Calendar and bee numbers with yellow duck tape as border.  I also have 6 mason jars for each table to collect their warm fuzzies in.  I'll go more into that tomorrow.

My Boggle board, again, from Clutterfree Classrooms and my library.

I use this open hanging folder to keep me organized.  On the right is every material I will need for each subject each day.  Then behind it I keep hanging folders for papers and materials I will use next week.  On the left, I have numbered folders for the students work.  Those of you that have kids with IEPs, documentation and work samples are very important.  

My bookcases.  Binders with all kinds of stuff.  My new pink pencil holders filled with a pencil, big eraser, half sock (to wipe white boards), Expo marker, highlighter, and post-its.  Use them for small group instruction.  See my bee stuff.  Love it!  There are three things on the right bookcase, bowl, plate, cup.

The blue folder holder is for my small group instruction.  Each folder for each group for math and reading, so I put whatever they're working on in there.  The white board will have the book their reading, and what they will be learning about in small group.

Stopped putting my schedule on the board, now I use these and I've already put my objectives up for the week. I'll put the time on them as soon as my school nails that down.  Underneath I'll put subject specific vocabulary.

I put all my text feature posters on ribbon and hung them up.  I used to have them above my front board, high, but I keep thinking about grocery stores.  Grocery stores put all the items that are more expensive at eye level because that is what we look at, we rarely notice things that are high up or too low.  So I don't use that space in my room too much, and also with ADHD kids, too much is too distracting.  I also have my "Getting Ready for School" poster made and will post it outside my room the first week of school, so the kids will see my expectations before they enter!

This is where they turn in their finished work.  I still need to label SS. and Science and Homework.  Also put that "Things to Do When Done" board right next to it for those kids that still have no clue.  Obviously it is blank now.  I also spray painted that holder thingy pink!

We do shout outs and Character Kudos at our school.  These are just simple Manilla envelopes (the small ones) that I covered in paper, put some lettering and directions on what to do.

I put my word wall on my cabinets because I have NO wall space.

And this is a view from my front door.  I have some empty wall space but I don't like to fill it all up because I want it to look need and we (my class) will fill it up with anchor charts and such.

So that is all I have.  Thanks for checkin me out.


  1. Great idea to put your word wall on your cabinets! Your room looks great.

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  3. Love your room too! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thanks! And you are WELCOME!! And I also love documenting my life through photos. My daughter hates the camera, she didn't get my gene for posing!!

  4. Wow! Your room is huge! I love that library space with the built in bookshelves. I wish I had something like that going on.

    We do composting schoolwide at my school. We're also really big into recycling, terracycling, and waste reduction.

    Thanks for stopping by! I'm your newest follower!

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  5. Your room is so big!! It really looks great! I'm glad you stopped by my blog! I'm your newest follower! :)

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

  6. Cute classroom! I'm jealous of all of your storage! I have noooo wall space either so I struggle each year with what I want to put up!