Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I recently did an exit interview for a "class" I took over the summer.  Basically, I get 3 graduate credits for doing the work in my class that I already do over the summer.  But because I have to do 75 hours and don't fudge it, I get very motivated to recreate, or tweak, or reflect on what I am going to do in my room and how I want to change for the better.

My point is, at this exit interview, we were sharing what we did over the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year, and I was very surprised that none of these seasoned and new teachers didn't know about Donors Choose! My school made us get rid of all our not up to code rugs because you know those educational teacher rugs are EXPENSIVE!  So when I was forced to buy a flame retardant rug, I immediately went to Donors Choose.  The have weeks where whatever donations you get they will match it, and you can post it to Facebook, and they will make it visible for every that visits the sites (individuals and companies!)

So you create an account, create a project (has to be for classroom, not for personal use), and make a page for it to advertise it with picture.  They have links to teacher resource online shopping (like Lakeshore) and you shop for what you want to get.  Then people come and contribute to it.  They also give you template emails to send to family and friends, and what to post on Facebook.

I was able to get a $600 rug with the help of mostly family and friends and their matching it!  I plan on using it to get organizational materials and a new up to date listening center!  It is also a great way to contribute to other's projects and to see how you can help! Check this blog out! She gives great advice how to use Donors Choose and to help our fellow teacher community.
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